Jesus the Feminist 

Feminism is really important in our world right now. Last week thousands of women marched on state capitals across the nation for equality and…well, lots of reasons.

As a woman, and as a Christian woman, I struggle with feminism. I believe that God created me to be a woman, that He has a beautiful plan for this life and that He loves women as much as He loves men. I believe that God shows no partiality. 

But, let’s be honest. The world, including the church, doesn’t usually do a great job of this. Women have been forced out of education, forced out of the work force, and even forced out of religion, by men in the church historically. As a woman, I’ve found myself looking at the ways women have been treated, the ways our strengths have been abused and we’ve been torn down into submission, and I’ve questioned God. Why did God make us weaker? To make men stronger? Why did He create us simply to be used and ignored?

These are the questions echoing in the hearts of the women marching in Washington. And, I know they’re hard to read. My husband, my father, my brother, are not terrible men who hurt women. In fact, quite the opposite. They use their strength to strengthen me and the other women around them and are strengthened by the strength of the women. So, it’s foreign, if not offensive to hear a lady say he doesn’t view her as an equal. And that’s why I didn’t march. This is not something a clever sign can fix. 

Have you heard the story of the Samaritian woman? Back when Jesus was here He talked to a woman at a well about who He was. Culturally, socially, religiously He should not have been talking to any women in public, let alone this one. Samaritians and Jews definitely didn’t mingle. But He spoke with her and He offered Himself to her, as Living Water. 

The Jews back then had everything messed up. They were screwed up when it came to politics and religion but Jesus came and showed us that God isn’t about those things, He’s into Love and our relationship with Him. Basically spitting in the face of the religious organizations. But, I never realized until today that He redefined how the world should view women too. He didn’t stick to the social constraints of the day that said women are beneath men, instead He touched our hearts and told us His secrets. 

Maybe you hear history, politics, society and religion telling you that you’re less than men, but Jesus is telling you the opposite. He’s telling you you’re special, you’re strong, and you’re worth love.

I’m not writing this (really long) blog post to define femininity for you, I’m writing it to tell you that I think Jesus can define it for us. His heart has been for you since the beginning of time and He’s been writing your adventure story. So talk to Him at your well, and ask Him what He thinks about you. 

Jesus is all about defying society. 


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