Doing The Important Things 

Sloan seems to be on a nap strike lately. She needs to nap but she doesn’t want to nap so I spend at least an hour on the couch with her helping her fall asleep. So I don’t really get anything done.

Last night I was helping her fall asleep and thinking about my house. There are so many chores around here that need to get done but I have to put on the back burner because of Sloan. I need to nurse her, rock her, play with her, talk with her. I don’t get time to scrub the bathroom, organize my clothes, or even vacuum some days. Which is crazy because I literally work all day long. The only time I’m sitting is when Sloan is eating. 

There isn’t a time that I can sit on the couch and know that my day is done. You feel me? I could never finish a day and know that absolutely everything that I could have done today got done today. I could have worked out or done more laundry or cleaned the walls. Whatever. 

But last night, after a day I had played with Sloan and visited my friend and cooked vegetables for dinner, I knew I had done the important things. Plenty of stuff was left on my to do list but tomorrow was another day. And tomorrow, once again, I would have to choose to do what’s important. 

Some days what’s important is cleaning the whole house. And some days, it’s letting the chores get behind for one day and playing with your baby instead.

If my goal is to have a peaceful, happy home, then I need to be peaceful and happy. That’s the important thing. 


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