Why You Should Pray With Your Spouse

I remember growing up and watching my parents pray over each other every morning before work. It was a simple prayer, and usually the same words every day, just a quick prayer for protection and joy. And at night all five of us would gather in the living room to pray with each other before bed. We prayed for the people we knew who needed prayer and we prayed scripture over our sleep. Every single day there was prayer in my home.

When I first started dating Ryan I made him pray with me. He actually was the first guy I’ve ever felt comfortable asking to pray with me, but because of watching my parents pray together I knew it was really important to me that I pray with my future husband.

I guess it was awkward at first. Well, that’s a whole story for another time, it definitely was a little weird. But we made it a habit. He worked out of town most of the time we were dating and even if he was far too tired at the end of a day for a conversation, we still called to pray together. 

We made it important. A habit. 

In our home it works the best to pray in bed right before we go to sleep. He prays and then I do. We pray for our families and each other and Sloan. It’s really simple. But I think it’s simple because we make it a priority.

I know it isn’t easy to start praying together if you haven’t started your relationship like that but let me explain why it’s so important.

1.  It brings God into your relationship. Even if you already pray for your significant other every day, doing it together very clearly says “this marriage is for God and we need Him here.” I mean, the Bible says seek first His Kingdom and everything else will come. I paraphrased. But really, if you put Him first, all the other stuff like finances or sex will fall into place.

2. It put you in place to have your marriage be its best. God has really cool plans for your marriage. He has places for you to go, people for you to meet and bless. And how can you follow his leading with your whole heart if you aren’t positioning yourself to hear Him?

3. It put you on the same page with your spouse. I know what’s going on in my husband’s head because of what he prays about. It’s kind of like sneaky eavesdropping on his conversation. It brings us closer together to know what’s important to the other person. 

4.  God did say to. He says to put Him first. He says to put His commandments all over your house and body. My parents showed me obedience to God by praying together. Because they taught me how to pray.

So those are just a couple of reasons that praying together is important. Stay tuned for a few ideas on how to start praying together. 


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