Lessons From Getting Stuck

I got stuck in my gosh darned driveway again today. I don’t have a real driveway, kind of just a pile of dirt at the end of a road that we park our cars on. Last winter I didn’t get stuck one time in the snow. Actually, for my entire life I’ve never gotten stuck in the snow. But, lucky me, this week I got stuck twice.

I was so disappointed! We were going to go grocery shopping and so far my day was perfect. I even had Sloan fed by the exact time I planned to leave, which never happens. I had big plans to get a coffee on the way. Everything was perfect. And then I hit the ice and everything went downhill.

I was really mad. I tried really hard to get out, but apparently it’s a two person job. It better be a two person job anyways. I hate finding out I could have done something by myself. 

But, I guess it’s all part of motherhood. It’s times like these where I need to be flexible and figure it out. No, we don’t necessarily have food planned for tonight, but I’m creative and I can make it work. It’s in the difficulty that you find out what you really can do. Life isn’t easy street, and we wouldn’t want it to be. 

It’s in the places we’re uncomfortable that we grow. 


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