Nostalgic Clothes

Well. Sloan has officially grown out of newborn clothes. I’m cleaning her drawers and replacing her tiny tiny newborn size clothes with her slightly less tiny 0-3 month clothes. 

I feel like clothes are so funny how they inspire emotions. I’m looking at the elephant pajamas that she wore in the hospital, the first little outfit that Ryan and I dressed her in, and I’m so sad….she’ll never be that tiny baby again. She’s done wearing her “daddy’s little princess” onesie and the outfit Ryan dressed her in for her first day at church. It’s probably because I’m a mom, but I very clearly remember all these moments, especially when I’m looking right at the clothes.

I have clothes like this in my own closet. I remember what I wore on my first date with Ryan. I’ve had to throw clothes away after breakups because they reminded me so strongly of my ex.

It’s funny to think of the memories I have tied to the clothes in Sloan’s drawers right now but one day she’ll grow up and make her own memories, events I won’t even be a part of. I love and hate that thought all at the same time. 

Ryan thinks I’m crazy for being so nostalgic, but I think nostalgia is a great part of life. I think it’s beautiful to be over emotional about days gone by, because it helps you appreciate the days to come. He’s going to shake his head at me when he reads this though. And you might too. But even while you’re rolling your eyes, close them for a second and remember something that you miss, something that won’t ever come back. I hope it makes you smile. Even if it makes you a little bit sad. 


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