Unknowns in Parenting

I kind of have this fear that I’ll hate swaddle blankets. You know, those wrap things that you kind of Velcro around your newborn baby so you don’t have to worry about knowing how to swaddle? I acknowledge that this is a weird thing to be afraid of. With the impending doom of labor and delivery, you would think I could find lots more things to be afraid of. 

But I think I have like, 25 of these swaddle things. Generous gifts of hand-me-downs from cousins and brothers that I’m grateful for. But I have a little house, so storage is an issue at times and I can’t decide if the swaddles go in the blanket tote or the sleeper/sleep sack drawer. So they sit there, mocking me, as I scoot around them to put onesies away. I know where the onesies go. So my fear is that I’ll have all these swaddles and store them in the perfect spot and then hate them. Or maybe my baby will hate them?

The thing about having a baby is that you’re having a brand new person. This child has never been alive before and we have no idea what her preferences are. Perhaps she’ll eat a lot or maybe she’ll hate wearing socks. She could be exactly like Ryan (God helps us), or exactly like me (God help us…), or her own person entirely. All of our best laid plans of using swaddles could be for naught, she might hate being wrapped up. 

Being a parent is kind of wild. I can have all these terrific plans of what I want my family and home and children to be like…but I’ll never know what it’ll really be like until my kids get here. Until I give birth to this rambunctious baby, I’ll never know how to parent her. And it’s like that for every season of childhood, a mystery. Not to mention each individual kid is their own person. 

So I guess if this baby hates swaddles, I’ll still store them for the next one. Just in case. And as for this one, I’ll take it one day at a time. 


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