Excitement About Friday’s and Spinach

It’s finally the weekend! This is actually a rare weekend where it looks like Ryan and I will get to hang out and do a lot of activities together, so I’m excited. 

We both got off work pretty early for a Friday, I stopped by the grocery store and then came home. I was very excited to tell Ryan that I had bought a big bunch of spinach for only 99cents that I was going to use to make a mango smoothie but before I could say anything about the smoothie, he started geeking out about making salads for dinner tonight with spinach and lots of bacon. So my own spinach dreams were put on hold and a quick trip to the market down the road for a couple more salad ingredients took place. It was very summery of us, I think. Ryan decided to marinate some chicken breast and fire up the grill. I think he ended up using a can of beer that was left in our fridge, teriyaki sauce, and his old stand by: Worchestershire sauce. This was after he stood in the refrigerator shouting “why don’t we have any booze in this house!?” Because neither of us drink but liquor is good for cooking. I’ve been laughing about it all day. Good thing I remembered the ipa that was left in our fridge from his diaper party. 

However as soon as he walked through the door he got called back to work. Ryan’s an electrician apprentice and sometime emergency calls are made and he has to go work on a job, even though he’s home already. Sometimes I sneak along and go with him. This was one of those times, so I hopped my giant pregnant belly up into the ’81 Scottsdale Firetruck that they turned into a work truck and affectionately call “Roxanne.” With the windows rolled down it was just loud enough for Ryan to not want to talk too much so I chattered his ear off all the way to the job and back. He likes to listen to me. At least that’s what he says. 

We finished grilling the non-boozy chicken when we got home and made the most beautiful salads. Seriously. Look. Romaine, spinach, Roma tomatoes, mushrooms, cukes, red onion, bacon, and croutons because I was feeling saucy. 

We finished our evening by blogging (read his http://www.ryankinasz.com it’s really, really good and you can find his marriage proposal on there too. I think it’s called part two.) and drinking peppermint tea. Kind of perfect, for a Friday.


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