Google Does Not a Marriage Make

The original post date for this blog was August 18, 2015. It’s one of my favorite things that I’ve written. Enjoy my #tbt. 

Google Does Not A Marriage Make
I have a Google habit. And a Pinterest search bar habit. And a bing habit (judge me if you want but I’m scoring so many bing points they’re about to mail me a sephora gift card soon). My fiancé likes to see how many times in a day I start a sentence with “I read an article.” In reality I really should chill with my smart phone but I just LOVE TO LEARN! And Google and Pinterest will teach me what I want to know!!

For the most part it’s not really a problem. My google searches are not a big deal at all. Sometimes it’s about important things and sometimes it’s how much a school bus costs (around $40,000 for one of those shorter styles). Hardly anything is grounded in necessity. Lately though my searches are things like “winter wedding colors” “backless wedding dresses” “how to decorate a bathroom” and “yoga for stress.”

Please. Call me basic. I’m planning a wedding, okay?

So I’m entering a new season in my life. Engagement is a transition into marriage. I’m single, so I can still eat a bag of chips for dinner and stay up until 2am with my lights on, reading if I want to. But I’m also about to be married so I have to keep Ryan in mind when I make my decisions because, unless it’s just eating an incredibly unhealthy dinner, a lot of my decisions will affect him.

Being single is a strength of mine so this transition is a big deal for me. But I’ve been doing well so far. Ryan is a joy to be in a relationship with.

But today, out of curiosity and also because I was bored of reading about how to incorporate evergreen boughs in my bridal bouquet(which I’m not doing anyways, please stop putting that in articles about “unique floral arrangements”), “how to be a wife” was typed into my Pinterest search.

And I stopped. And I laughed at myself. And I thought about how silly it would be if an article on Pinterest was able to tell me how to be Ryan’s wife. Because Pinterest doesn’t know how to make Ryan’s day better. And those bloggers don’t know what his mom is like. And a search engine can’t cause his house to feel like his home.

But Ryan picked me you know? He decided that I’m the girl he wants to wake up next to and eat leftovers with and take the trash out for. He was like “will you marry me [and help me vacuum our floors and buy reasonably priced dish soap]?” (that last bit in brackets wasn’t actually in the proposal. I’m amplifying). 

So to answer my Pinterest search “how to be a wife” the only possible answer for me is “marry Ryan.” The rest will just happen. I’m already at home when I’m with him. 

Did you know that the average cumulus cloud weighs 1.1 million pounds? What the heck!? I learned that when I was googling about the school buses. Google is the best. 


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