33 week pregnancy update

As of yesterday I am 33 weeks pregnant. Here’s a picture of my belly (and cat, Pooter). Everyone is saying that my stomach has gotten much bigger since last week, and looking at this picture, I think that might be true.

Ryan and I have decided that I’ve entered the “awkward and comical” phase of pregnancy. It’s extra work to get up off the couch and sometimes when I really have to pee, I do that cute waddle. The baby is hanging out in my ribs a lot which is so uncomfortable. But, it kind of is something I’ve always wanted to feel. Pregnancy insomnia is still delightfully in full swing and I haven’t gotten a full night of sleep since February, I think. It’s pretty cute, Ryan and I trade on and off. When I finally am resting well, he’s tossing and turning next to me and keeps me awake. The other nights, I’m keeping him awake. I guess that’s marriage and parenthood…right? 

So, other than being a little more uncomfortable than I have been, this week has been pretty uneventful. The baby moves a lot more than she used to, she seems very active. I’m really enjoying being pregnant, but I’m definitely getting ready to have her soon. Nine months is a pretty long time. 


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