Hospital birthing class recap

Yesterday Ryan and I went to the labor and delivery class at the hospital. Unfortunately, before the class started, at 4am actually, our electricity went out because of a crazy thunderstorm. When things like that happen, Ryan can’t sleep so he was very sleep deprived through the class. It looked like he went to the car to get stoned during the class breaks. But he was a trooper. He made it through the whole seven hour class without bursting into tears. 

The class covered what labor will be like, what the stages of labor are and about how long everything including contractions will last. We watched a bunch of wildly boring videos. A couple of them were interesting though. We got to see a group of women deliver naturally, without any pain relief, and a group that used epidurals or the morphine drug. My birth plan is to have the baby naturally and Ryan’s really supportive. Actually, when we went outside for a break he said he’s pretty sure I’m more afraid of an epidural than I am of going through labor. He’s right. I would much rather breathe through a contraction than have to lay in bed because my legs are numb. 

I actually am excited. I’m up for the challenge, I think. I wrote a bunch of affirmation type quotes all over the bathroom mirror to mentally prepare. 

The rest of the class was a tour of the hospital and a video on C-sections. We also did breathing exercises and guided meditation. People say you forget all the breathing when you’re laboring, but I’m not sure. You keep breathing rhythm while you’re running. It seems similar.

Anyways, the class wasn’t necessary at all, but I’m very glad I took it. It feels like Ryan and I are on the same page now and I know a little more of what to expect. 


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