The Pain of Newness

The beginning of something has a tendency to be painful. This idea is kind of looming over my head lately, since I’m less than eight weeks away from the birth of my first child. I haven’t been through childbirth yet but I’ve heard a lot of stories (I work in a salon and, for some sick reason, women love to tell me the most horrific birth story they know) and it sounds like it’s going to be quite an ordeal for me, the baby, and my husband Ryan. And afterwards, terrifying as it is, they’ll send us home with our new family member and we’ll have the painful experiences of night feedings, learning to breastfeed, and sleep deprivation. I’m excited, don’t misread this, I’m just illustrating the pain that inevitably comes with having a baby. 

People often call the start of something the “birth” of it. Like, this is my first blog post on this blog so it’s the birth of my blog. I’m laying on the couch, typing on my iPhone, so I think most people wouldn’t call this painful…but it can be. Writing is a very personal thing and having people read what you write can scare the crap out of you. But I think sometimes if you’re scared of the thing you’re starting, then that’s a good thing. It really means that you’re giving birth. It means that the thing you’re doing is bringing life to you or even to others. 

So that’s why I’m starting this blog. Writing has always given me life and it’s time for me to share that, to birth a tiny bit of life that maybe is just for me or maybe I’ll share it. Probably Ryan will be the only one who reads this (love you, babe) but that’s okay. 

Anyways, you should do the thing that scares you. And, like the doctor will tell me around September 20, breathe through the pain. Know that it’s worth it. 


Published by: Kristi

I'm Kristi, newly wed wife to Ryan. Mom to Baby Sloan and two cats (I have to mention them). Living in the Midwest middle of nowhere. Coffee obsessed. I'm Snap, He's Sparky.

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